1.2 Join Us (English version)

Procedure to join SBCHK (Swinger Bliss Club)
To become an eligible member at SBCHK is absolutely FREE.
SBCHK is a group for pure fun and excitement. Guys share the cost of each party they participate in, it’s that simple.

Step 1 : Create an Account
– Go to download our mobile app
– Use an easy-to-remember name for your login. Keep the name you use SIMPLE.
– Avoid using names that may reveal your true identity for your protection. So please DO NOT use your real name, social media account name, email or email-resemblance name, code, or phone number.

Step 2 : Applying for Membership
– Read the rules and regulations that are set for the purpose of protecting members’ privacy. 
– Download the application form and submit to the host. Your application must contain:-
(a.) A facial photo (for recognizing who you are when you go to the party)
(b.) A nude photo of your body from neck down, do not show your face (delete after approval)
(c.) Proof of age (must be 18 or above)

Step 3 : Body Check for STDs
– Once your application is approved, you are required to conduct a body check for STDs. Items that are required to be tested will be given by the host.
– Upon passing all tests, you are eligible to participate in our parties. Play wild, play safe!

For questions, please contact the host through Telegram.

Dr.’s Email: host_sbc@outlook.com;  Telegram ID: host_sbc

Instant Benefits of being an Approved SBCHK Member
Once your application of being an approved and official SBCHK member, you can enjoy the following benefits right away:

1. You have access to the hidden section that is only available for our official members — “Members’ Photo Corner”. A very seductive section where members’ selfies can comfort us during our busy day at work.

2. You also have access to yet another hidden section – “Photo and Video Gallery” where it brings back good memory of our past activities.

3. As an official SBCHK member, “Activity Schedule” is obviously something you are looking for. You can see our party schedule and submit your enrolment to the specific party online. Plan ahead your schedule conveniently.