Say Goodbye to Traditional”ism”, Say Hi to Modern”ism”

The world is changing constantly. Let by-gones be by-gones. What are the norms nowadays? Do men have to be with women to be termed as “normal”? When you see a same sex couple holding hands…do you discriminate? Its OK to be whoever you are. Whether you like to be with a man, a woman, or even BOTH, you go with however you feel!

I, QueenB, here at SBC loves to play with other Females. I must admit, probably the place that I had my first F-F encounter. Its a place where I can explore my curiosity with my sexuality. Is it fun? Is it exciting? You will never find out until you give it a shot.

I used to be a very conservative girl. The more I explore my sexual wild kinky side, the more I am enjoying it-day by day. Nothing wrong to go out of the norm, go out of the box. I suppose I have reached a period of my life where I want to do something different.

It is quite a different sensation when you are intimate with a female. The touch is softer, the skin is smoother, everywhere you come in contact with–you can relate as it is reciprocal to what you have yourself.

I still remember my first kiss with a female at SBC. The build up, the tension. It was indeed a very erotic moment for me. I follow my heart and do whatever I felt like doing at that moment and I just went along with it.

The dynamics of F to F compared to M to F is completely different. You must try it to understand how great it is.

We are now entering a new era of Sexual Fluidity—It is now cool to be a Bi-girl!

Love QB