Oh my goodness, it’s Valentine’s Day again!

Valentine’s Day is always a headache – so many Valentines so little time! LOL.

By the way, there is always people (whose mother-tongue is not Cantonese) asking me whether there are foreigners joining our parties. The answer is YES. We welcome people from all races though Cantonese is the majority, we can’t deny it. We are a group found in Hong Kong afterall.

We welcome all Cantonese or English speakers to participate in our mobile app. We even have an instant translation function specifically created for non-Cantonese members, to help them understand what others are talking about. Well, in a multicultural environment, you can’t really force people to write everything in English or in Chinese.

If you are a non-Cantonese member having problems understanding our group, you can start by reading our “Join Us” procedure or add me to your WeChat. I will guide you thru as much as possible.