4.2 About SBCHK (English Version)

If you are an open-minded individual, tired of searching online to satisfy your desires or wanted to explore something different in the sexual world but worried that you might endanger yourself in the process, look no further. There is now a safe and respectful place awaiting for you.

SBCHK (since 2008) regularly organizes different types of activities, which include themed events and group activities. They will be hosted either indoor and/or outdoor, and we sometimes even take it to the next level to go beyond Hong Kong. Our mission is to provide a fun, exciting, safe and respectful place for our members to enjoy, to release stress and to feel a sense of belonging.

The idea of SBCHK is to have a group of open-minded individuals who can get together to have fun with no strings attached. We respect personal privacy outside of the club. So no fatal attraction or messy relationships amongst members. If you are looking for a relationship or sex partners (SP), you will not find them here. SBCHK is not a business. We do not charge for being a member. Guys usually share the costs for the each of the event they attended.

All participants must be aged 18 or above, mature with appealing looks, polite and respectful and should not be overweight. Priority will be given to those (men) who are proactive and take charge.

Single male should understand that there are an overwhelming number of responses. The Club will only select individuals who are physically appealing; men with under-par looks will likely not be selected and trying will only be wasting your time.

All members during activity sessions must strictly follow the Club’s safety rules. Furthermore, it is recommended to have regular body check to better protect yourself, your love ones and members of the Club. 

For questions, please contact Kush directly through Telegram.
Telegram ID: host_sbc
Email: host_sbc@outlook.com