5.2 SBCHK Rules and Regulations (Eng Version)

1) SBCHK is not a place to make friends, and definitely not a place for anyone to look for a sex partner or sex slave. In fact, we aim at protecting everyone’s privacy by preventing any leakage of our member’s contact information. Members are prohibited to contact each other off the club without the consent of the SBCHK Administator. Members should not do anything to affect others’ personal life, to keep contact in other forums, nor to ask questions as to how they know about SBCHK. Members should never leave any kind of contact information such as any of your social media account or phone number in any section of the forum. Members should try not to ask any of the followings, such as:-

“Where else can I see you?”
“May I have your phone number (WeChat, Whatsapp, Line etc.)?”
“How can I contact you?”
“Where do you hang out usually?”
“How about if I leave a message in XX forum, and then you can send me a private message?”

Any intention to contact each other or any act of violating member’s privacy will be treated as an offense.

2) Members are prohibited to write down neither the venue nor the date of our activity/event (including in the [Activity Feedback] section). Members should never ask each other whether they will enroll or attend the any of the event.

3) Members should not bring any recording equipment to the venue. All mobile phone cameras have to be covered with stickers by our club executives on arrival, and can be taken off after leaving the venue. Mobile phones will be collected and safe-guarded by our executives. If anyone needs to use the phone during the event, one should talk to our executive for the phone and should never use the camera to point at any of the member to avoid any misunderstanding.

4) During the event when others are making out, please try not to disturb the others by doing any of the following such as, join in without asking, watch people making out up-close or make disturbing noises. Members will get a warning or will even be asked to leave our venue if any of the followings is violated, based on the severe of the situation:-

· Disobey the instructions of our executives 
· Disturbing our executives
· Affecting the orderly of our event
· Try to get intimate even after being rejected

5) Please say [NO] to any unacceptable act by the other members during the event. If not, it will be difficult to judge otherwise, for example phrases like [Don’t] or [Stop], someone else may have heard [Don’t stop]. With a neutral agreement, participants are allowed to choose their partners and the number of partners during the event. Everyone has the right to say [NO]. So if you hear someone say [NO], you should stop immediately.

6) Condoms are to be used during intercourse or playing with sex toys such as vibrators. Members are prohibited to ask your partner(s) not to wear condoms. Ladies are responsible to check whether our gentlemen have the condoms worn properly before entering. On the other hand, it will be a free choice when having oral sex and fingering.

7) Besides talking to our club executives, members should never talk to any outsiders on our club’s matters to avoid any ambiguous situation that may lead to any misunderstanding of SBCHK.

8) Members should be warned not to disclose personal matters to other members, neither face-to-face nor on the forum. Members should also pay attention to the background, obvious body marks or features and accessories when posting pictures on our forum, to prevent friends, relatives, or even family members from recognizing. Digitally-masked pictures are also dangerous to be posted as there could be algorithms to reverse your masked pictures. 

9) Members shall respect with each other and treat other members with courtesy in forum and activity at all time. 

10) Illegal drug is NOT allowed to take before the activity and bring to the activity.

11) Please do not bring any valuable items to the activity. SBCHK will not be responsible for any lost of personal belongings.

12) Do not use personal photo or image that other members may recognize your identity as profile picture. 

13) The administrator reserved the right to terminate the membership or request the participant to leave the activity immediately without any written notice or explanation. All deposit paid will be non-refundable. 

14) ALL members MUST comply with the STD checklist requested by SBCHK on a regularly basis.

15) Member shall aware the discussion topic to avoid any undesirable trouble. Topics such as product sales, job recruitment, the place of photo taking, etc. are not recommended. Borrow money from other member is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Offender will be terminated the membership immediately.

16) All male members MUST remove the penis immediately before they want ejaculation during blow job. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED mouth ejaculation or ejaculation on any part of female body without the lady agreed to. Member committed will receive warning and may be terminated the membership or requested to leave the activity immediately.