Say Goodbye to Traditional”ism”, Say Hi to Modern”ism”

The world is changing constantly. Let by-gones be by-gones. What are the norms nowadays? Do men have to be with women to be termed as “normal”? When you see a same sex couple holding hands…do you discriminate? Its OK to be whoever you are. Whether you like to be with a man, a woman, or even BOTH, you go with however you feel!

I, QueenB, here at SBC loves to play with other Females. I must admit, probably the place that I had my first F-F encounter. Its a place where I can explore my curiosity with my sexuality. Is it fun? Is it exciting? You will never find out until you give it a shot.

I used to be a very conservative girl. The more I explore my sexual wild kinky side, the more I am enjoying it-day by day. Nothing wrong to go out of the norm, go out of the box. I suppose I have reached a period of my life where I want to do something different.

It is quite a different sensation when you are intimate with a female. The touch is softer, the skin is smoother, everywhere you come in contact with–you can relate as it is reciprocal to what you have yourself.

I still remember my first kiss with a female at SBC. The build up, the tension. It was indeed a very erotic moment for me. I follow my heart and do whatever I felt like doing at that moment and I just went along with it.

The dynamics of F to F compared to M to F is completely different. You must try it to understand how great it is.

We are now entering a new era of Sexual Fluidity—It is now cool to be a Bi-girl!

Love QB

Why Swing?

QueenB here.

I’m the English teacher here at the club. Thought I share some of my thoughts of what I think Swing means and what SBC provides to all our members.

Even though it is quite a local club where everyone speaks Cantonese, I believe we can make it more multicultural by incorporating the main language : English. Yes, we all understand English (even though majority doesn’t speak it-they’re just shy !). We do have a few non-Asian members here.

So let’s start off with some of my personal thoughts. If you have visited our forum you may have heard this before. If this is your first time hearing about our club, well, Welcome to SBCHK.

Swinging. What is the meaning of Swing? Does it constitute a 3P? 4P? Orgies? Gangbang? Well I suppose it’s pretty subjective so to speak. My first thought of Swing club back when I first joined SBC was quite simple : A group of people gather and basically Fxxx and Swap and Fxxx and it repeats. Straight forward. That is why we are all looking for sex clubs right ? We all share one similarity : Sex. We love sex. We want sex. We need sex. There is no judgement here. We don’t care about your private life. What this club provides is an alternative playground, a safe haven to explore the world of sex.

No, don’t expect to walk thru the doors and see everyone naked and all over each other. That would be typical and normal to picture a swing club as, yes. But here at SBC, we are more than just skins. Let’s say it’s skins with an added touch/ personal touch. Laid back, relax, chit chat here and there to set a soothing mood to get things going.

My first time here at SBC was a welcoming one. Members were friendly and not “pushy”. It gave me a place to explore my “wild side” so to speak. It was here that I had my first threesome, foursome, and even moresome. Also gave me an opportunity to “watch” and to be “watched”. It’s fun and relaxing.

So, if you’re interested in joining a sex club, feel free to explore more.

Love QB